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1  RTI Drivers / Released Drivers / Re: Apple TV IP Driver on: October 02, 2016, 04:22:13 PM
Just Curious, The APL3 Driver had station selection and feedback via a Data list.  The Apl4 driver doesnt seem to have this correct?
2  RTI Drivers / Released Drivers / Re: Apple TV IP Driver on: August 20, 2015, 10:57:05 AM
So I have purchased 3 AppleTV 3rd Generation IP drivers.  3 separate projects one appleTV each. 
    The first project is using an XP6 RTI Processor and an AppleTV 2nd Gen.  Troubles include constant disconnection from AppleTV, loss of metadata while still maintaining control,  Then the reverse loss of metadata with control.  The remote chain setup page on appleTV shows 5-10 remote chain connections after a few days of functional use.  AppleTV control feedback metadata always shows connected but control is sporadic.
    The second project is using an XP8s RTI Processor and an AppleTV 3rd gen.  Troubles include complete disconnection within 20 minutes.  once I delete chain and reattach remote it works for a short time  before disconnect again.
    The Third project is using another XP6 RTI processor and an AppleTV 3rd gen.  Troubles mirror the 1st scenario except the feedback metadata follows the function of the remote.  If its working it says yes.  When it doesn't it says no.  The remote chain has to be erased and reset for it to work.

Any input would be helpful as the drivers are useless at this point.
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