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Title: Gefen 4x4 matrix and 8x8 Cross point matrix
Post by: jjw2009 on February 10, 2011, 07:51:49 AM
Hello Guys,

Been wanting this driver for awhile.  I've sent an email to Gefen's tech support management for the protocol documentation.  I'll include both Manual's for the time being, I've got the 4x4 matrix at my house and the 8x8 cross point at our show home.  If we could get the driver for this unit, that would rock.

Hmmm can't see to upload the manuals.  I'll post the website with the products as well as links to the manuals.

Gefen 8x8 HDMI Crosspoint Matrix
8x8 Crosspoint (
8x8 Crosspoint Manual (

Gefen 4x4 HDMI Matrix
4x4 Matrix (
4x4 Matrix Manual (

As mentioned earlier, the ascii code for the Cross point is slightly different then the other matrix.  The Code for the 4x4 matrix is used for almost all their other products.